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Propolis Tincture: Discover its Versatile Uses

Propolis tincture offers a range of application options and the best thing about it is that every one of them is 100% natural and healthy. Discover with us the numerous ways to benefit from the health advantages of these precious drops!

Take with water or pure: You can take a few drops of propolis tincture directly under the tongue or dilute it in water for easy and effective ingestion.

Add to juices: Enrich your favourite juice with a few drops of propolis tincture for additional health benefits. You can also dilute the drops in tea, but in this case you should let the tea cool down a bit so that you can fully benefit from the positive effects of the tincture!

Mouthwash: Dilute the tincture in water and benefit from a 100% natural mouthwash for better oral health.

Skin care: Apply the tincture to insect bites to promote healing. Also, very effective, when it comes to skin imperfections such as acne or small pimples.

Nose and throat sprays: Use the tincture in combination with sterile salt water solutions as a nasal spray to moisturise the nasal mucosa and soothe inflammatory conditions. You can also make an excellent natural throat spray by mixing the propolis tincture, honey and distilled water together. We find the spray not only effective, but also really tasty!

Inhalations: Add a few drops of the tincture to hot water and inhale the vapour to relieve cold symptoms in your throat and nose.

Body care: If you enjoy making your own cosmetics, you can add the tincture to homemade lotions, creams, or soaps to enrich them with the health benefits of propolis.

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Sore throats and throat irritations: Propolis tincture can be used as a gargle to soothe sore throats and throat irritations. Dilute a few drops in warm water and gargle several times a day to alleviate unpleasant symptoms.

Enjoy experimenting with your Organic Propolis Tincture and experience the benefit from the full power of its natural active ingredients!

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